The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and Bureau of Special Education (BSE), in conjunction with PaTTAN, provide effective behavior supports to school districts, individual schools, classrooms, and students. PaTTAN works collaboratively with local intermediate units to meet the technical assistance and training needs of Pennsylvania’s school districts and preschool programs.


An Introduction to Learning Environment and Engagement Initiative (LEEI)


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- Office Lead
- State Lead
Ashley Harned PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Jeanie Hertzler PaTTAN - WEST
Tina Lawson PaTTAN - EAST
Kathryn Poggi PaTTAN - WEST
Sandy Shacklady-White PaTTAN - EAST
Bob Shields PaTTAN - WEST
Kristin Starosta PaTTAN - EAST
Erica Kaurudar PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Scott Semow PaTTAN - WEST
Chanda Telleen PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Stacey Cherny PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Melissa Klug PaTTAN - WEST
Maria Ronneburger PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Eva Allen PaTTAN - WEST
Kelley DesLauriers PaTTAN - WEST
Brynne Rice PaTTAN - EAST